Scoil Mhuire Marino provides a fun and varied range of extra-curricular activities to suit everyone's tastes. It is important that all children participating in any extra-curricular activity abide by the Code of Behaviour as outlined below.
Extra-Curricular Activities - Code of Behaviour:
  1. Children should arrive on time for the start of the class.
  2. All children must cooperate with the teacher.
  3. Children will respect the right of others to learn in a secure and happy environment.
  4. The teacher has responsibility for the management and education of the children for his activity.
  5. Any inappropriate behaviour will be reported to the parent/guardian. e.g. Talking in class when continuously asked not to, verbal abuse to another child/teacher, use of bad language.
  6. Children must leave the premises after the class has finished as per the end of the normal school day.
  7. Parents should have a contingency plan in place for their child should they be delayed for any reason. Remember it is unlikely that any adults will remain in the school after the end of the class.