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4th Class Visit RTE Studios

posted 29 Jun 2018, 14:06 by web master

Our Visit to RTE

 Our visit to RTE started out as an invitation we sent to Sharon Ni Bheolain to our school concert.  Ms Allen, who wrote and directed our concert, based our concert on the Characters and shows of RTE. We decided to write to our main characters in our concert and invite them along on the night.    Sharon Ni Bheolain wrote back. She said she could not attend as she was reading the news on the night of the concert, but she very kindly invite 3 of us to RTE.  Mathew, Gurshann and Jack took her up on her offer.

When we arrived in RTE, we had a few minutes to wait. While we were looking around reception, we noticed a big trophy-case.  Most notably in the trophy-case were Spider awards, which RTE won for “Best in News, Publishing and Entertainment”.  They awards were in the shape of a Spider, which was very cool.

Ms Sharon Ni Bheolain met us and brought us first to her office.  It is a big open-plan office where all the other Newsreaders and editors had their desks.  We met Eileen Dunne and Aine Lawlor who are also News presenters.  We also met the Weather Presenter Evelyn Cusack.


From there we went to Studio 3.  This is where the news takes place.  We were allowed sit behind the news desk where Mathew and Gurshaan did a Tennis interview.  Then Mathew interviewed Jack on the Christiano Renaldo’s possibility of getting the Golden Boot in the World Cup.

We then read the news from the One O’Clock news show.  We read from each of the five auto cues on the cameras in the studio.  Each of the Cameras are high definition cameras except for one.  We were then showed how the news was produced and put on air.  In the sound studio we were able to press the sound-link buttons for example, the News soundtrack that you hear at the beginning of the show.

Each of the newsreaders have an ear piece with links them to the production suite.  They are told through the ear-piece what piece of news is coming up, who the on-sight reporter is etc.  They are constantly counted down into each news segment.  While we were there, we saw some breaking news about a man found guilty of a crime.  

After the newsroom, we were brought to other studios, such as, The Fair city Studio, The Prime-Time Studio, The Late Late Show studio.  On the Fair City Set, we were locked up in a Jail.  From there we were brought to the Prop Room, where we saw props from Winning Streak show.  We saw lots of props but not the famous Big Money Wheel prop.

We were amazed and very grateful for the whole experience.  It’s really good to see behind the scenes and how it’s all put together.  Sharon Ni Bheolain was really nice and said we could come back anytime and maybe see how other shows like Fair City and Prime Time are put together.   

 It was an extraordinary experience!!!!