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After School Activities

posted 6 Feb 2015, 07:11 by web master   [ updated 12 Feb 2015, 13:39 ]

The after school programme will resume for the spring session from the week Monday 16th February. The classes will run for one hour directly after school, from 2.45pm to 3.45pm. Details of the timetable, topics to be covered are below and online. Each class will be the same day every week.

Guitar class has 10 places per day. All others have 20 places. If any course is oversubscribed, those wanting places will be waitlisted. Classes run for 6 weeks, with breaks for the mid-term days.
Enrolment will take place online from Monday 9th February at 5pm Here. Due to restrictions on class sizes, places will be offered on a first come first served basis. Parents can ask a friend to enrol their child if they don't have convenient internet access. Only children from the school may attend the classes.






Homework club

Ms Cooney

Homework club

Ms Cooney

Homework club

Ms Cooney

Homework club

Ms Cooney

Note- Not on 19th Feb

Speech & Drama- Bernie Delaney

Note: Not on 20th Feb


Ms. Hodnett


Ms. Hodnett

Drama- Ms Lyons

Note- Not on 19th Feb

Guitar- Mr.Lyons

(Beginners class)

Guitar Mr. Lyons


Note- Not on 19th Feb

In previous years, this programme has run at a slight but increasing loss. This year, the costs for courses have changed slightly to accomodate the costs of online booking, and are below. We have structured the service costs to provide maximum value to families using more classes. Classes that run for 5 weeks will have a €5 cashback in addition to the below discounts, which will be returned on the first day. We're looking at the option of allowing impacted classes run after Easter. This will be confirmed by the Teacher.

1st Course place per family will cost €40 in total for a six week term.

2nd Course place per family will cost €30 in total for a six week term.

3rd and subsequent Course per family will cost €25 in total for a six week term

Example: one boy taking homework on Tuesday and guitar on Thursday will pay €40+30 = €70

Two boys taking games on Tuesday (two places) and computers and homework on Thursday , will pay €70+50= €120

Please note: The costs for all courses are fully inclusive of materials. All activities must be paid for in full at registration. If you want to pay separately via cheque, you may do so, but you must still book places online. Cheques should be made payable to Scoil Mhuire Marino Parents Council. If payment is not complete by the 1st day of class, waiting list places will be offered.

In the event of a class being cancelled due to lack of numbers your money will be returned. This is the only circumstance in which money will be refunded. In these cases, we will also offer places on any alternate course with available space. Should a child no longer wish to attend an activity, the parent or guardian must inform the extracurricular teacher in writing.

Should you have any queries please contact one of the following or any member of the parents council;

Jackie Desmond 087 237 6920

John Curran 087 605 0193