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After School Activities- Booking page

posted 1 Oct 2014, 06:53 by Site Admin   [ updated 1 Oct 2014, 10:10 ]

Welcome to the new online booking service for After school activity programme. The process has three stages. Make sure you keep this page open so you can move between the stages! (The links open new windows by default, but you never know). 

Stage 1: Reserve your places. This is important, so do it first. This will take you to eventbrite- our booking system. Make sure your tickets have the booking name correct. 

Stage 2: Complete the online booking form - this is the data we use to manage the programme. You should complete this after booking above.  make sure the contact details you use in the eventbrite booking system are reflected in your contact details here.

Stage 3: Payment. You need not pay online, but we'd really prefer it if you could. This will take you to eventbrite- our payments system.


The remainder of this article is for FAQs and activity descriptions. 

Q. Do I have to pay online? Can I drop the money into the office or pay by cheque.
A. Yes, you can drop money or a cheque into the school office, together with a completed form. YOU MUST BOOK YOUR PLACES ONLINE though. Managing these forms of payment are a real nuisance, so please use online payment if at all possible.

Q. Do I need to bring materials for art class?
A: No. These are all supplied and paid for by the programme.

Q. Are activities grouped by class?
A: No- classes are mixed among the school years. 

Q. What do you do with the data we give you?
A. The data we gather as part of enrolment doesn't include any payment data- we don't have access to this through eventbrite. The personal data from enrolment is assembed in packs for each teacher, so that they have the primary and secondary contact details for emergencies, and the medical\allergy details for the children in their classes. This material is supplied as paper copies to the teachers, and we dispose of all the data when the programme finishes. 

Q. I'm a UX specialist\professional web developer and your design is a little ropey. Could you make it so that xyz...
A. You're hired. It's better than queueing in the rain for an hour. 

Q. Do parent's council registration volunteers get preferential access to places?
A. Yes, but only the web development team now. 

Note:  Guitar Class                   Teacher: Barry Lyons.

Calling all budding rock stars, soloists and future One Direction stars!  Learn the fundamentals of the most popular instrument in the world. This course will enable you to learn how to play all the necessary chords to play both popular songs and develop your own sounds. Basic music theory as well as broad music appreciation will also be covered.

Q: Do I need to bring a Guitar?

A: Yes, you must bring your own guitar. 

Note: Speech & Drama            Teacher: Bernie Delaney 
This exciting Drama Workshop offers six weeks fun filled classes in which the boys will be introduced to many different aspects of stage craft i.e. clear, confident speech/ character development and co-operation with others/ play making / team building etc.

Note: Homework & Games club:

Boys will be given extra support in completing their homework and varied activities (board games, worksheets, sports) will be provided for early finishers. 

Note: Art Class: 
Calling all budding artists! If you love art and drawing then the Art Club is for you! We will use a wide variety of media such as paint, chalks, clay and textiles to create many different and exciting projects.

Note: Singing for Fun:     Teacher: Ms Stapleton
Ollie Murs is rumoured to have started in this class so here is your opportunity! For us that are a little older it may have been Phil Lynott or indeed Ronnie Drew. All taste levels are covered and this is guaranteed to have you singing in the shower when you get home. All song types will be covered and the focus is singing for fun so all requests will be taken!

Note: Computers class
Increase your typing speed and technique with fun online games. Use sound clips, special effects and pictures to create Power Point Presentations. There will be plenty of educational games along the won’t even notice you’re learning!