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Book Rental Scheme

posted 15 Jun 2015, 03:32 by web master
Dear Parents,
The Book Rental Scheme for next year is now open. This year we are using the services of Eventbrite to accept orders and payment. This greatly reduces the work for the volunteers. Follow the link below to place your order and make payment.

There is no extra charge for this service. If you are unable to order and pay online it is possible to bring payment along on Collection Day, Wednesday August 26th, 10-12 and 7-8pm.
Below are FAQs about the book rental scheme (See below).


Scoil Mhuire Book Rental Scheme (BRS)


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a School Book Rental Scheme (BRS)?

BRSs are the most effective method of keeping the costs of schoolbooks to a minimum for parents and pupils. They address the cost of purchasing school books up front; pooling resources; paying costs over time – usually two to three years, through book rental fees.

How will it work?
The Book Rental Scheme Team will source the books required for each year. In return for an annual fee, each child will receive the required books in time for the academic year. As a ‘Green School,” the recycling of books from student to student is in line with School policy.


How is it funded?

The seed capital for initial purchase of books will come from the Board of Management, the Dept. of Ed. and Skills and Scoil Mhuire Parents Council. The scheme is expected to become self-financing by the third year of its existence. The scheme is based upon a conservative average life expectancy of 3 years per text.


What will it cost?

The cost for 2nd and 3rd class will be €15 per pupil.

The cost for 4th, 5th and 6th classes will be €35 per pupil.


Why the cost differential?

The cost is different as the pupils in 2nd and 3rd classes write on all workbooks and these workbooks are not included in the scheme.


How do I join the BRS?

You receive a letter in early May, explaining the scheme and inviting you to join and detailing payment options.


The incoming 2nd class parents are informed of the BRS at the 2nd class “Meet the Teacher” open night. The 2nd class parents can join and pay on that night.


When and how do I pay into the BRS?

Payment is requested from circulation of letter in early May. There are two options for payment.


The first option is to use the Eventbrite system to order and pay. To do so simply follow the link to place your order and make payment by Debit/Laser card or Credit card. There is no additional charge to you for this service. This method of payment is preferable as it greatly reduces the workload on the Team delivering the Book Rental Scheme.


If you are unable to pay online it is possible to bring along payment on collection day, Wednesday August 26th from 10-12noon and 7-8pm. Payment by cheque is preferable on that day. Cheque should be made payable to “Scoil Mhuire Book Rental Scheme”.


What is included in the book rental scheme (BRS)?

(a) The BRS includes all core textbooks only for 2nd and 3rd class.

Workbooks, which cannot be reused will not be supplied. Booklists detailing workbooks required are available on the School website.


(b) Pupils in 4th 5th and 6th classes will be supplied with all core texts and workbooks.


Will the books be covered?

Yes. All reusable books will be covered prior to distribution.


Why should I join the BRS?

·    You cannot purchase your son’s books anywhere else for this price!!


·    As a parent you can simply join the BRS, then your son’s books will be sourced at a discounted rate, covered and compiled into a pack which may be collected in August.


·    No queuing at book shops or searching for any book that may be out of print or wondering if you have the correct version of a book.


·    All books will be new or in excellent condition.


How & when will my son receive his books?

All books will be available for collection from the school on Collection Day between the hours of 10am and 12noon and from 7pm to 8 pm on Wednesday 26th.August 2015.


If you cannot attend yourself on that day we request that you send a friend or relative to collect your son’s books.


Who owns the books?

The books remain the property of Scoil Mhuire Book Rental Scheme. Your son will not be permitted to write on books save for Write On, Spellbound and Mental Maths books in senior classes.


How & when are books returned to the school?

At the end of the school year, the BRS books will be collected from the classrooms. We ask that you review your son’s book periodically through the school year and remind you son to take good care of books. The Principal will also periodically review books in school.


What happens if my son loses or seriously damages a book?

If your son loses or damages any book included in the BRS, we would request that you replace that book at your own cost.


Is the BRS compulsory?
Not at the moment but this position will be reviewed in the light of experience. Parents of pupils in schools where BRSs are in operation demand to remain in scheme as costs are considerably reduced.


Can I opt in for part of the BRS?

No, due to the logistical difficulty in ordering and compiling books for around 300 boys it is not possible to accommodate part inclusion.


Can I donate textbooks from older children?

All donations of previously purchased core textbooks, dictionary, atlas, and spelling & table books are welcome. However, only books in excellent condition will be included in the BRS, others will be disposed of in an appropriate manner.


What is the history behind the BRS in Scoil Mhuire?

In 2012 a group of parents worked with Principal and Chair of Board of Management and devised a pilot scheme that was implemented in 2nd and 6th   classes in Sept 2012 as a pilot exercise. It was found to work well and offer parents a good service. However the inclusion of workbooks in the scheme would make it financially inequitable for senior class pupils. On review the parents and teachers involved in the Scheme, have agreed that the lessons be applied and that a revised scheme be offered to all families.


What lessons were learned?

The cost of providing non-reusable workbooks to 2nd class in 2012   was underestimated and we have adjusted costs for 2013.


Can I help with the BRS?

Yes. We are looking for new helpers to run the Book Rental Scheme. All help is greatly appreciated. If you have some spare time, even an hour, we would love if you joined us. This year we will be working out of Room 11. The main work is carried out in the last week of the Summer Term, so from June 22nd this year. Please call in if you have any time to help out. All are welcome! The work involves examining/recovering and cleaning of returning books and compilation of book packs for next school year.

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