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Concert FAQS

posted 12 May 2015, 04:32 by web master   [ updated 17 May 2015, 04:46 ]
Below are frequently asked questions about our school concert. We hope you find them helpful.

What dates will the concert be on this year?

Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th of May.


Can I help with the Concert?

If you are available to help on any of the three concert nights from 7pm-10:30pm or any part thereof please contact John Curran on 087 6050193


Does this affect normal school hours?

Yes. To allow for additional rest, the morning after your son performs in the concert he can come into school anytime up until 10am. However, in the event that this does not suit, the school gates are opened and supervision provided for any students arriving at usual school times. Boys will finish school each day at the usual time.


When & how can I buy tickets?

Tickets are on sale from Monday 11th of May. They are available to buy from the School office or by sending details of ticket requirements and payment into the school with your son.


My son forgot critical item X. I need to drop it off.

Leave it at the stage entrance (separate from concert entrance) with the child’s name and class. It will be delivered to them immediately. For safety reasons on concert nights, adults other than listed concert staff volunteers and teachers are not permitted inside the school without a ticket.


How much do tickets cost?

Each ticket is €10.


How is seating assigned?

There is no seating number allocated. Some seating at the front is reserved each night for named guests and volunteers who come in to watch their own child perform (for the duration of their performance).


Can I buy tickets on the door?

Probably not. It is best to buy the tickets, as above, as soon as you decide your ticket needs. Most nights sell out completely.


Do children need a ticket?

Each person attending the performance, regardless of age, needs a ticket. This is due to Fire Safety requirements that must be adhered to regarding the number of people in the school hall for each performance. We don’t charge for babies under two, but we also recommend that they don’t attend. The concert is loud, and infants making noise during performances can be difficult for the boys onstage.


Can my son join us in the hall after his performance is complete?

This year, boys will NOT be allowed to attend the concert after their performance. They may attend as ticket holders on nights where they are not performing. The boys are supervised after their performances and can be collected from their classrooms by parents attending the concert, or via the stage door.


What night will my son perform?

Each class performs on two different nights of the three, with the exception of 6th class, who perform at all 3 concerts. You should have received details of which nights your son is performing from the class teacher.


What time should my son arrive at school when performing?

Each class will be given specific instruction on what time to arrive at the school each night they are performing.


What happens after my son’s performance?

After your son’s class performs they are escorted off stage and back to a classroom to remover their costumes. The boys are then taken to their classroom. Each class will be given a time from which they can be collected from their classroom. However, if you are attending the performance and wish to see the entire concert, the boys can remain in their class where they are supervised until collection by parents.


How do I collect my son if I am not at the concert?

If you are not at the concert on any of the nights your son performs you can come to the back entrance of the school (the white door), members of the parents council will be manning the door, so access is possible throughout the evening. The class teacher will inform your son of specific collection times.


Will there be anything to eat?

The Parents Council operates a Tuck Shop each night of the concert. Goodie bags contain a drink & some treats at a cost of €2. They can be purchased by audience and by boys (through their class teacher) after they have performed. Note that boys will not be able to purchase directly from the shop.


Where can I park?

The school car park is open for use each night. The car park is manned volunteers from Parents Council in high visibility jackets, to ensure optimum use of space and access in case of emergencies. Please can you follow instruction on parking as requested.

The school car park is operated as a one way system – even if you are just dropping off or setting down only please park as per the steward instructions.


Parking is at owner’s risk. Additional parking is also available on Griffith Avenue as usual. It is best to avoid parking in the Church car park when attending the concert as the gates are locked each night before the concert ends.