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Drumming with Drum Nature

posted 25 Jan 2013, 04:44 by web master   [ updated 26 Jan 2013, 07:01 ]
Scoil Mhuire was alive with the sound of drumming on Tuesday, January 22nd as the boys participated in a Drum Nature workshop. This workshop aims to give pupils an accessible and enjoyable experience of making music and is designed to encourage a confidence in music and the emphasis is on creativity, teamwork, listening and fun.

The workshop was hands-on, using a collection of different drums and percussion instruments from around the world. The boys learnt about working together and composing rhythms. Every boy had the chance to play lots of different types of drums and percussion instruments for the duration of the workshop.

So! What did the boys think of the workshop.....?

"It was great. It was a big surprise to me because I was expecting just drums but actually there were lots more instruments too" - Alan McGowan.

"The workshop showed you that you can play rhythms on all different types of instruments. We started with just one instrument and then we all joined in one by one. We slowly dropped out one by one until there was only one instrument playing. It was really cool " - Joe Gunnigan.

"I liked it because we got to play different instruments from all around the world like Brazil, Spain and Africa" - Milo O' Reilly

"It was most interesting! My hands were burning (in a good way!) afterwards and I would love to do it again" - Niall Leonard.