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'Eat a Rainbow' Week starts 16th May

posted 29 Apr 2016, 06:22 by web master   [ updated 9 May 2016, 01:37 ]
Healthy eating advocates often tell people to "eat the rainbow." It's a simple way of reminding you that a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet will get you the vitamins and minerals you need. It also calls out the fact that you can learn a lot about your food just by looking at it. The images below show what it means, and how it works.

To complete the successful health and fitness programme that we have been running over recent weeks in our school, we have decided to incorporate a healthy eating week -  'Eat a Rainbow Week'. Each day will be designated a particular colour and on that day boys are encouraged to bring in a fruit or vegetable of that colour to eat during a 'fruit and veg break'. Not only does this have physical benefits in terms of health, it will also improve concentration and tiredness levels at school as well as promote the link between exercise and healthy eating. It may just encourage your child to try something new and healthy!

'Eat a Rainbow Week' will begin on Monday 16th May for the week. The assigned colours are as follows:

Monday 16th - Green
Tuesday 17th - Orange
Wednesday 18th - Red
Thursday 19th - Yellow
Friday 20th - Purple/Blue