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Notes for start of academic year 2012/2013

posted 23 May 2012, 15:21 by Site Admin   [ updated 3 Sept 2012, 10:57 by web master ]
Calendar attached below. School re-opens on Monday 3rd September at 8:55am sharp and classes will finish at 2:35pm.
  • In order to facilitate the smooth running of the school and efficient use of teachers’ time, please do not engage class teachers in conversation.  Should you need to speak to a Class Teacher, please make an appointment through the School Secretary.
  • For school year 2012/13, your son MUST wear black shoes with his uniform.  Runners or football boots are to be worn as part of P.E. activities only and brought to school in a bag.
  • For Personal Hygiene reasons, your son is asked to bring a small hand towel to school each day.
  • All 2nd & 6th class pupils making Communion or Confirmation must present their Baptismal Certificate to their Class Teacher. This will be returned once recorded.
  • No textbooks are sold in the school. It is therefore absolutely essential that pupils have all texts purchased prior to returning to school on 1st September. These can be obtained through any reputable school bookshop. It is asked that each child has their own pencil case and copies prior to returning to school in September. The Class Teacher will provide a list of what is required.
  • Photocopying and Arts & Crafts & Brennans’ Personal Accident Insurance is €35: This is payable to the Classroom Teacher on 3rd September. The figure of €35 includes Art & Craft and photocopying (€28) and Personal Accident Insurance for Students (€7). With regard to the Insurance, whilst it is not compulsory, we strongly recommend it and hope that all parents will take it up. Our school’s Parents’ Council has opted for a policy which covers all students on a 24 hours per day, 365 days per year basis. This reduces the premium and the administrative burden and provides optimum cover. It doesn’t duplicate any insurance already held by the school. As you will see from the policy summary (to be issued separately), it offers excellent value and we hope everyone will avail of it.  
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3 Sept 2012, 11:07